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You shouldnt make this app cost a buck it should be free. P.S hey Alex its me Jeremy

Great idea, poorly executed

Dificult interface, levels too easy/ short, feels like just flailing around beats it easier. All levels should be free. Good idea though


Bar none, best 3D maze out there.

Cube Maze

This is a great app. I like having different games and the option to purchase even more. The tutorial is very helpful and easy to understand. I also like the realistic sound effects. This maze game can be played by a beginner like me, yet would meet the challenge of the expert. I look forward to purchasing the full game.

Thx to Evan... =)))

Very good idea for maze-game,splendid design, but controls so bad...

Good job

Bought the t-shirt. Great game.


Thanx to Evan for the great app, its fun and engaging. This maze will keep me entertained during those boring midd-watches. I highly recommend this app.

Great game

This is great and for being free. Like other maze games but better. I would have expacted to have payed something for it. I have spent a lot of money in the apple store but has to be one of my top ten best apps


Great game buy the full version in game-has a lot of fun levels!!!!!!!!!!

Great game!

Ive always loved the idea of mazes and letting the little ball go through the maze. When I saw this app, I wasnt impressed by its looks, but I downloaded it and let me tell you, what this game lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in gameplay. After I had played all the free puzzles, I was left wanting more, and so I did buy the rest. Thats another great thing about this game: Its free but the full content is an in-app purchase. No more clutter with lite and full versions. Overall, its unique, pretty enough to get the job done, and something that will keep you hooked until you finish the harder cubes.


Great game. Only complaint is the fact that it occasionally crashes. Had this been a paid app, I would only rate it 3 stars but hey, its free. The gameplay is worth the crashes.

Pretty stupid

Kinda boring and stupid not recommended but it free so what ever


It needs harder mazes, and more mazes, and come out with new ones every once and a while like angry birds does

Not Attractive

This app is not attractive.

I hate this

It wont load properly


I hate that there are only a couple of levels that are fairly simple. If u are looking for a good maze app, try labyrinth lite. I feel like it is more fun.


This is not for the faint of heart. Nothing else like it out there.


2 levels and you have to buy the rest how funny

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